AIS Receiver R300


AIS Receiver R300 is a system that can prevent collision in advance by displaying on the monitor receiving real-time navigation information and movement course such as nationality, name, type, heading, speed, position of other vessels.  

AIS Receiver 

- Frequency : 161.975 / 162.025 MHz (2 channel receiver for AIS signal)

- Bandwidth : 25KHz

- Sensitivity : -112dBm

Electric Performance

- Power supply system : 9v 최대28v dc @< 100mA

- Antenna Connector : BNC

- Power Supply  & Data Cable : jack type RJ45(included)


- Default baud rate : 38.4kB (4.8kB can be set by dealer on request)

- Format : NMEA 0183

- NMEA Telegramme : VDM


- length : 140mm / Width : 140mm / Height : 36mm

- Weight : app. 400gr


- easyAIS : not affected by humidity or movement due to the coating on the main board 


- Real-time monitoring of nationality and navigation information of other ships by interfacing with plotter, MKD, PC 
- Easy installation at low cost
- Support 2 communication speeds (4800 Baud/38400 Baud)
- Support 2 receptions (A Class, B Class)
- Support Input/Output Ports (RS-232, 422)
- AIS Data received from AIS Channel 161.975MHz, 162.025MHz can output on the display device
- Signals from external GPS devices can be connected via RS-232/422 interface
- Various status information can be displayed by LED (POWER, RX-A, RX-B, GPS, ERROR)


- Korean Navy



AIS Receiver R300

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