GMT proposes Next Generation VTS which is a Korean VTS solution capable of advanced surveillance with all the prior functions of VTS,
multi-sensor integration, high lever of location tracking, decision-making support, and VTS interface.


Main Components

  • - VTS Operating System (VTOS)
  • - VTS Data Analysis System (VDAS)
  • - VTS Navigation Assistance System (VNAS)
  • - VTS Decision Support System (VDSS)
  • - VTS CCTV Track System (VCTS)
  • - VTS Radar Image Extraction & Track System (RVET)
  • - VTS Status Management System (VSMS)
  • - VTS External Interface System (VEIS)


  • - Displays a variety of information including radar target and AIS targets on ENC(Electronic Navigational Chart) 
  • - All obtained data can be recorded, analyzed and displayed
  • - Support ASM service between vessel and VTS based on IMO Circ.289
  • - Provides necessary information and warning to the operator to support easy decision-making
  • - Processes radar data and analog video from radar sites and transmits the compresses radar image/video to the operating system
  • - Manages system situation receiving the information from sub-systems and show it to the operators in a graphical format
  • - Provides detailed vessel information through PMS server and performs target data exchange function between VTS systems through IVEF(inter-VTS Exchange Format) based on IALA V-145


  • - 2016  Trial System installed in Gunsan VTS center by Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries

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