Fishing Boat Tracking

The world’s only multi-functional automatic location identification system which transmits
location data in normal situation and sends out distress signal in case of emergency.



  • - Search & rescue equipment in emergency (portable after release)
  • - Sending an automatic SOS in case of rollover accident
  • - Automatic reporting for port entry and departure
  • - Sending a distress call from display
  • - Be equipped with Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC)

Main functions

  • - Monitoring System for accident prevention and rescue activity
  • - Multiple usage for position transmitter, navigation device, distress call and rescue device with one system
  • - Stable system operation for reception and transmission of location data


  • - 2013~2016 V-PASS Integrated Monitoring System for 66,000 Fishing Boats (Korea Coast Guard)

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